A Revolutionary Way To

Crush Canola

Check the green count of your Canola seeds while crushing them in the most convenient fashion

Devloo Canola Crusher
Devloo Canola Crusher

Revolutionary Canola Crusher with Green Seed Counter

I am Gerry Devloo, and I have discovered the easiest way to check the green count of your canola seeds while effectively crushing them. I am a retired farmer and machinist, trying to revolutionize canola crushing. This machine is a patented invention in the United States. The Canadian patent is still in process.

Devloo Canola Crusher

Product Details

The machine measures 6"x 10"x 14" and weighs around 12 lb. Made of aluminum/ stainless steel, the device has four parts

  • Frame
  • Pick-up wheel
  • Crush wheel
  • Seed hopper
Devloo Canola Crusher

Benefits of Canola Crusher

  • Crushes canola seeds easily
  • Helps you check the green count
  • Portable
  • Easy to operate
  • Saves time
  • Durable
  • Accurate
Devloo Canola Crusher

Who Should You Buy

You should own my canola crusher if you are a

  • Farmer
  • Elevator
  • Grain buyer
  • Associate at crop research labs